1. INCOME TAX






1. Individual: Income-impose is charged in regard of the aggregate pay of the earlier year of each individual. Consequently, it is imperative to know the meaning of the word individual. According to segment 2(31),

Individual incorporates:

• an Individual

• a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

• a Company

• a Firm

• an Association of Persons or a Body of Individuals (BOI) regardless of whether fused or not

• a Local Authority

• each Artificial, Juridical individual, not falling inside any of the above classes

2. Assessee: according to Section 2(7) of the Act as per which assessee implies a man by whom any expense or some other entirety of cash (i.e. intrigue, punishment and so on.) is payable under the Act and incorporates:

[A] Every individual in regard of whom any procedure under this Act has been taken for the evaluation of his salary or appraisal of incidental advantages or of the pay of some other individual in regard of which he is assessable or to decide the misfortune maintained by him or by such other individual or to decide the measure of discount because of him or to such other individual.



[B] Every individual who is considered to be an assessee under any arrangement of this Act.

[C] Every individual who is regarded to be an assessee in default under any arrangement of this Act.

• A surveys may get wage from various sources, eg: pay rates house property pay benefits and picks up of business or calling – capital additions salary from different sources like enthusiasm on securities , lottery rewards, races and so on.

Salary from every one of these sources figured first to discover the gross aggregate pay, and after that admissible conclusion permitted landing in all out wage as indicated by sec 80 c to 80 u. Each individual whose assessable wage in the earlier year surpasses the base assessable farthest point is subject to pay charge amid the current money related year at the rates relevant to the current budgetary year.

3. ASSESMENT Year: according to Section 2(9) “ASESSMENT year” implies the time of a year initiating on first April consistently and finishing on 31st March of the following year. Wage of earlier year of an assessee is saddled amid the accompanying evaluation year at the rates recommended by the applicable Finance Act.

4. PREVIOS Year: according to Section 3 Income earned in a year is assessable  in the following year. The year in which pay is earned is known as earlier year.   From the appraisal year 1989-90 onwards, all assessees are required to take after monetary year (i.e. April 1 to March 31) as earlier year. The uniform earlier year must be taken after for all wellsprings of wage.

If there should arise an occurrence of recently set up business or calling or a wellspring of wage recently appearing, the principal earlier year will be the period starting from the date of setting up of business/calling or by and large, the date on which the wellspring of salary recently appears and finishing on the quickly following March 31.

5. Exemptions to the General Rule

By and large salary earned in the earlier year is exhausted in the evaluation year. In any case, there are sure special cases to the general run the show. Ie the earlier year and task year are same; the Assessee is at risk to be surveyed around the same time in which he procures the salary in the accompanying case,

I. Salary from non occupant shipping organization

ii. Wage of individual leaving India

iii. Wage of individual prone to exchange resources for keep away from assess

iv. Wage from ceased business.


                                                 2.   RESIDENTIAL

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RESIDENTIAL STATUS of an assessee is imperative in deciding the extent of INCOM on which INCOM TEX must be paid in India. Extensively, an assessee might be inhabitant or non-occupant in India in a given earlier year.

The occurrence of obligation to INCOM TEX depends for each situation upon the private status and wellspring of wage of the assessee. RESIDENTIAL Status is figured for all sort of Assessee that is of

• Individual



• Company

Following are the fundamental guidelines about Residential Status

• An assessee might be private of in excess of one nation in the meantime

• Residential Status is computed for each earlier year

• Residential status might be distinctive for each earlier year.

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