Kinemaster Pro Free

Free UFPS : Ultimate FPS Kit Free Download 2018

UFPS : Ultimate FPS V 1.7.4 2018

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• Physics based animations for smooth gunplay and awesome camera shakes
• Mouse smoothing & acceleration: No more jerky input!
• Native Oculus VR support!
• Full Body Awareness with Mecanim-animated player bodies and ragdolls
• Hand Grenades and updated Explosion system with Cover support
• Pain HUD with directional damage indicator and blood spatter
• Earthquakes, shockwaves, boss stomping, camera impacts!
• Inventory & Item Pickup system
• Advanced Surface System allows for dynamic spawning of effects
• Spawnpoint system with smart obstruction detection

• UFPS Input Manager for keyboard, mouse & touch, allows re-binding controls at runtime
• Demolition! Handle with care or things will go boom!
• Interaction System for doors, platforms, triggers, switches, grabbing & throwing stuff.
• Surface system allows for generic & powerful physics simulations
• Advanced Moving Platform support
• Jaw-dropping Slow Motion mode!
• Supports Unity Pro Image FX
• Support for Anti Cheat Toolkit ObscuredTypes
• Tons of High-quality Art!
• Full, very well-commented C# source
• Detailed, 100+ page Online Manual with lots of tutorials 


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